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Our History

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How did we end up here?

E-Health Valley offers everything you need: an event hall, a start-up incubator and a workplace under the same roof.   
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What is E-Health Valley?  

E-Health Valley is an inspiring innovation center for companies that share the same passion for technology, health and digital. A place for continuous collaboration, shared learning and co-working. Offering an event hall, a start-up incubator and a workplace under the same roof.

About the building

‘E-Health Valley’ was build in 2019 in order to create an ecosystem of business, healthcare & technology partners, dedicated to supporting E-Health innovation in Europe. The building is located in the “Research Alley” in Erasmus, an area dedicated to healthcare research & innovation. ​Only 200 meters away from Bordet Institute, Erasmus Hospital and several world leading pharmaceutical companies. We host a best-in-class digital health agency and a state of the art event hall. The building offers direct access to the Ring of Brussels and a Brussels Metro line at walking  distance (Erasme).


About E-Health Venture

In 2020 Michael Verschueren and Gio Canini had a vision to lead the digital transition of the healthcare sector and drive greater cost efficiency. Although e-health start-ups were developing across Belgium, they were faced with many challenges. To address these challenges, Gio and Michael, together with several partners, created E-Health Venture: an incubator for startups and scale-ups active in the field of healthcare, wellbeing, sports and nutrition. By providing a tailored innovative ecosystem, financial support, coaching and a powerful network of partners, E-Health Venture enables these new companies to improve lives by leveraging the power of technology and digital.

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About 2h center

2h center uses cutting-edge screening & testing, in order to create personalized development plans and evidence-based methodologies for your mental & health improvement.
In order to reach and maintain optimal performance and health it is crucial to optimize every aspect of your mental and physical well-being. Whether you are an athlete, a business leader or simply someone that wants to feel at its best 2h center provides tailored plans for health, performance, and leadership development.  They blend technology with expertise, creating a transformative experience that empowers you to unlock your true potential in physical, mental, and professional domains. Their team uses scientifically validated methods to help you find your optimal state tailored exactly to your goals and needs. 

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“We are building a leading ecosystem of European partners with market, medical and technological expertise.”

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